Truth About Lipoma By James Reynolds Review: The Truth Revealed!

Truth About Lipoma By James Reynolds

As a teenager, I have always been complimented because of my figure. People would mostly say that I was blessed with the body of a supermodel or that of a beauty queen, but, they don’t know that I have danced ballet my entire life and I owe to my kind of figure to the craft that I took.

I danced for about ten (10) years until I had to stop to focus on my education.

I graduated college at the age of 20, and after graduation, I decided to take up modeling classes at one of the most prestigious modeling schools in our country. My love for modeling started when I watched these Top Model shows on TV, and my mom understood that I wanted to try it out.

Truth About Lipoma By James Reynolds
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She enrolled me in a summer class for modeling, which lasted for about a whole month. In that class, we had to learn the correct diet to maintain our figure, the proper regimen to keep our faces bright and beautiful, and the proper ways of walking down a runway.

It was very fun for most parts, but there came a time when I was standing in line because we were about to practice different types of walking when in a fashion show. I felt that there was a small bump on my lower back just right above my bum. I thought maybe I just got it because of the hours of standing and walking that I had to do when practiced walking.

A few weeks after this, the modeling school where I went decided to join the annual Fashion Week in our country. They decided that we would become part of it as newbies in the modeling industry and that it was our graduation from modeling school. It was as exciting and scary as it sounded but I still love reminiscing about it until now.

Truth About Lipoma Review - It Is Effective?
Truth About Lipoma

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I was able to get through three shows for three different fashion designers in one night. During the last day for the runway, I noticed that the lump I earlier mentioned wasn’t going away. It was a bit painful sometimes, but it wasn’t that bad. It was the tolerable kind of pain that went away, but the bump just stayed there. And I think it grew bigger than the last time I held it.

My mom told me that I should take a break from modeling for a while because the never-ending walking might have caused that lump or anything in relation to it.

However, just as any day dreaming girl would do, I didn’t let it stop me. I auditioned for countless shows, until one day, one of the judges told me that I had something on my shoulder blades. I was wearing black spaghetti straps at that time, so, basically, my skin was showing. I held it and it was similar to that lump on my lower back.

That same day, I did not get picked for any show because they were peculiar enough to notice that thing on my shoulder blades. Other auditions came and when and I wasn’t able to get in because about 6 months after that first lump, other lumps started to show all over my body and I knew that my modeling career was over.

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In a world focused on aesthetics, I just knew that I could no longer be part of that industry and it crushed me.

In line with this, my mom had me checked by different sorts of doctors because we didn’t know what it was.

My mom stumbled upon the James Reynolds’s Truth About Lipoma guide over the internet and she said that I might have lipoma so we went to visit another doctor.

First, I was asked to undergo an MRI scan so they could know what it was. At that time, and until now, I am a very claustrophobic person and it took me a lot of courage to subject myself to an MRI. The experience was scary for me, but I know I needed it, so I just had to pull through.

The tests turned out positive and that it was confirmed that I had early stage lipoma.

My mom and dad then help to send me to a doctor every week so my lipomas would go away. I was an exhausting process for me, but most of all for my parents. I know they had to spend a lot because I overheard them one night about cutting costs for certain essentials and that they needed to forego some of the household necessities just so they could send me to treatment.

What was most problematic for me was as time went on, my lipoma got worse. The number of lumps on my body grew in number to the point where I can no longer hide them from the public’s judging eyes.

The following school year, my parents insisted that my brothers and I still attend school. I am already in graduate school, while my two brothers are in college. I don’t know how my parents did it, but they were able to shell out cash for that and for my treatments because they just wanted to make our lives better.

Side note. What is life without parents?

On the eve of my graduation, the student body government decided to hold a beach party, which I couldn’t of course attend because of my lumps. If people saw everything, they’d think of me as some kind of a plagued person and I know they wouldn’t go near me.

Get Truth About Lipoma
Get Truth About Lipoma

After graduation, my mom and dad gave me this present. It was a book called Truth About Lipoma. I mean, come on parents. There could be no better gift than that. My dad said a friend of theirs had lipoma for about a decade and then my dad opened up to him about his precious daughter’s condition.

My dad’s friend, Mark, told him that it worked well for him and for his son who also had the lumps. This led my dad to search for the guide and they bought if for me as a present because they know how much it affected my health and my self-confidence. As a girl, being in a very superficial world could be such a challenge.

So we tried it. They spent about $39.00 for it and I wouldn’t feel bad about them buying me that present because I felt good that after using the Truth About Lipoma guide, I know I will be cured and they would no longer need to shell out more money.

As a child, I wouldn’t want my parents to spend their whole lives caring for me because want them to feel that they deserve all the good things because of what they have done for me. I wanted them to know that I will do everything to alleviate my condition and to make them feel better, as well.

So I started reading the  guide. It started will all this graphic stuff about lipoma. Some looked like mine, while some worse. I couldn’t bring myself to imagine if I had that much lumps, but my condition was already bad enough.

Truth About Lipoma By James Reynolds
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I then read about the possible causes of the lumps and how it can be prevented. The guide was honest enough to tell me that there were a lot of means to lessen the lumps or eliminate them altogether, but they preferred natural home remedies, or natural remedies for that matter.

I stuck by the regimens for about 6 months and the results were amazing! I had to be patient because I know that it won’t go away in just one sitting, but I was seeing results and that was the best part of the whole thing. The overall results were unbelievable! And I had the guide to thank for you.

I remember seeing my mom’s eyes glisten when she saw that the lump on my lower back was starting to flatten out and it is as good as it gets.

I am just so happy that I tried the Truth About Lipoma guide. My life is back to how it has been, only better. I am still wary of the fact that the lumps might come back, but the guide has all these tips on how to avoid relapses of sorts.

To date, or year later, I am almost lump-free. I only have two little lumps on my arms that are almost as flat as a pizza dough. Almost there!

Thank you Truth About Lipoma! Ready to go back to modeling!

New Update – February 2019

Sometimes we need to go through natural medication than taking massive medicines. In tribes, they can live without a doctor; they can see sickness as a problem that seeks solutions. They will eat healthy foods like vegetables and take some different healthy teas.

Lipoma is a kind of lumps that appear in our body and it’s getting worse if you are not going to cure it. Like cancer, it has also different stages, so better if you notice some little lumps in your body better to see a doctor.

If you have at the early stage of lipoma it can cure it naturally. Just have a self-discipline have a healthy living, take 30 minutes exercises every day and eat vegetables, fruits and drink natural juices.

But even if it is getting worst, there are some medicines to take but with the help of this product which is called “Truth About Lipoma” you will learn the different techniques that you will need to cure those nasty lumps in no time!

That is why until it is not too late to buy this product now in order for you to get rid of the problem real quick because your health is the number one wealth that you can have.


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