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Vert Shock

What is the Vert Shock program?

This is a program that was designed by two men named Adam Folker and Justin Darlington to help people to enhance their vertical jump in a short time. Basketball players in particular can take advantage of the program to enhance their jumping skills. The program has got step-by-step techniques that will help both athletic and also on-athletic people enhance their dunking skills. You are guaranteed in the program that you can get to increase your vertical jump by about 9-15 inches within a period of just 8 weeks and be able to dunk so well.

Vert Shock

 Adam Folker and Justin Arlington the creators of the program who are they?

Adam Folker was a Canadian professional basketball player and made a name for him by being selected as one of the top five high school basketball players in Canada. He later went to play for the division-I basketball in his home country of Canada. Currently Adam is a professional basketball player doing his trade overseas. In an interview Adam admitted that he was never a good athlete and he could not even touch the rim. Adam is credited for his work to help athletes and other people who wish to become fit get stamina.

Justin Arlington on the other had is considered one of the world’s greatest dunkers of all time. Estimations put his verticals at 53 inches. He hast travelled the world over and won some of the fiercest dunking contests. He won the Nike dunk contest which included King James and Anthony Davis. With all the experience he has they have come up with Adam to create the program Vert Shock to help people boost their verticals. Justin’s prowess in dunking made the NBA to select him to train basketball big time players like DeMar DeRozan from Raptors.

How does the Vert Shock work?

The program is subdivided into three different segments. It gives out information in the form of software that includes guides and videos which you can access online. The program is made to be used for a period of 8 weeks in order for you to get your full potential.

The program’s first stage which is called the pre-shock phase a user could increase hi/her vertical by three to five inches. The stage is designed to last for the first week and prepare your body for the more exercises that will follow.

The second stage is called shock-phase which takes 6 full weeks and it will actually shock your CNS (central nervous system). The exercises in this phase will also arouse your muscles making them react intensely fast something that will enable you to jump so high.

The third and the last stage of the program which is called the post-shock phase helps you maintain your newly acquired strengths assisting your muscles get used to the intensive neurological response from training from the program.

In a nutshell the Vert shock program was designed to help people achieve high vertical jump without overtraining. In most instances overtraining will cause you injuries like patellar tendonitis. The program instead focuses on advanced exercises which focus on your so-called “super fibers”, effectively increasing your vertical inches every week of your training.

Vert Shock

Does the program really work?

Of course there are several techniques by different people that purport to help people enhance their verticals but not all them work. As with the Vert-Shock the fact that it a program that was created by two professionals is something that cannot be under-estimated. The program based on how it has helped people can be classified as one of the best vertical jump programs available on the market.

The program is very efficient as compared to many other program of its class. It is very easy to understand even to people who have never played basketball. Most people who have used it have said that they can now effectively block shots from other basketball players, dunk really well, and achieve heights they never did before.

What are the advantages of the Vert Shock program?

Even though it was a program that designed to help elite athletes improve their jump even ordinary people could still use it and benefit from it. Below are some of the benefits of using the Vert Shock program;

  • It is a system that has undergone several years of scientific research and is designed based on proven training principles.
  • It offers guidance techniques that are easy-to-follow even for the ordinary person out there.
  • The guidance it offers does not expose you to arbitrary injuries associated with other kinds of training.
  • It focuses on all the aspects of jumping meaning you stand to get results even sooner.
  • The program will help you save your time because it teaches you on how to focus on the most effective techniques thereby you avoid wasting time on exercises that won’t give you results.
  • The program is created by professionals Adam and Justin and so you are guaranteed of its success.
  • The program will help you to add even as much as fifteen inches to your vertical.

Who needs to use this program?

This is a program that was designed basically for the athletic people to get to improve their vertical jump. The good thing with it is that it is easy to use and almost everyone can use to benefit all that will matter is your consistency and patience.

  • Basketball players who have found it hard to dunk or stop their opponent’s shots should take advantage of the program as it will help you improve greatly.
  • Dunkers who want to become professionals and win trophies should also not hesitate to purchase the program as it will make them stars in the game.

Is the program authentic?

This is an original product that has been researched by scientist and proven to be very effective. It was designed by two professionals in the field and so it definitely works so well. It also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee so that should it fail to help you out you can simply request for a refund.

How much does it cost and in what form is it available to users?

The program is available to users in a completely digital format. This was done by its creators to help lower its cost to the consumers.

The program will cost you just $ 67 and you will get it complete from its official website.

Is the Vert Shock safe to use?

The program has undergone even scientific research which proves that it is safe. It works by targeting explosive plyometric training which shocks the central nervous system of your body therby making you to jump even higher. There are no intensive training techniques found in the program that can bring injuries to users. The system is proven to safe for people of all ages.

What makes the program effective as compared to others in the market?

It is designed in such a way that it significantly helps users to reduce the number of jumps per workout so that they can be able to jump their highest on each rep. It trains you to focus on your maximum jump height and exponentially increases it. With Vert shock you will be subjected to even shorter workouts which are easy but will give you almost instant results!

Vert Shock Review: Read Before Buying
Vert Shock

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What will you be doing after you are through with the program?

  • If you have never dunked then you will be doing it for your first time. Those who have will even do it much better.
  • You will be able to fly from the outside key and finish at the key.
  • You will be able to showcase splendid dunking skills for the first time.
  • You will become a superstar in your own right and be famous.


This is great program that has helped many people get higher verticals. If you are a basketball player who wants to improve on your prowess then I would advise you try this program because it is even proven scientifically to be authentic. The fact that it comes with a money back guarantee is something that people should take advantage of.

The program is also available at a very affordable price yet it helps people achieve a lot of things. I would advise anyone who wants to become basketball star to use it!

New Update – February 2019

Playing basketball is one of the favorite sports of men and a lot of them are so hooked in this that they almost spend the whole day in the basketball court just loitering around and playing the game. All of them has the capacity to shoot and to defend but not all of them has the ability to dunk.

That is the main problem of a lot of ballers right now, a lot of them are frustrated to learn how to dunk and many have failed because of their below the average vertical jump. Because of this, they are frustrated because they could not do the things that they would want to achieve in basketball.

Thankfully, “Vert Shock” was created because of this a lot of people have significantly improved their respective vertical jumps which gave them the ability to dunk successfully. After they significant improvement a lot of their friends were amazed and shocked by their new abilities.

This is the main reason why a lot of ballers right now have the ability to dunk and this is the main reason why a lot of basketball player right now that are not gifted with height can now get their hands on the ring and dunk the ball easily without any hassles.

That is why if you want to improve your vertical jump in the quickest possible way then buy this product now and you will surely achieve your basketball goals!

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Vert Shock

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