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Videly The Ultimate SEO Tool for Video Marketer

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or business owner, you need people to visit your website no matter how unique and exceptional your product is. When we talk about traffic, we are not just talking about people clicking your links without action.

For you to be successful in online business, unique leads or sales need to flow consistently.

There are tons of ways to drive traffic to your offers. You could either use free traffic from Facebook and other social media platforms, use paid traffic from Facebook, solo ad sellers, and other means, or go for SEO.

No matter what you think about traffic generation, SEO still remains the best way to attract visitors to your website or video channel. You can achieve this on Google and YouTube because they are the two largest platforms to get genuine traffic.

Now, while it is true that Google and YouTube are two powerful places to get leads and sales, ranking on these platforms doesn’t come cheap. To get top rankings, you need to spend a lot of time and money.

A few days ago, I came across a cloud-based video marketing software that helps people rank buyer keywords in less than 60 seconds. The name of the cloud-based software is VIDELY.

Can you really rank on the number 1 page of Google in 60 seconds? A lot of people said they use the videly app to rank on the first page of Google and YouTube. This actually prompted me to do a review on videly.

In my videly software review, I’m going to show you all the features of this software and how most video marketers use it to harness their businesses.

Who is the creator of Videly?

Videly software was created by two experts in the tech industry. Their names are Stocia and Vlad. They are well known in the industry and have created other top software such as Blaster, Speechelo, etc.

What is videly?

Videly Traffic Generation Tool

Videly is video software that helps you rank your videos on YouTube and Google within seconds. It does all the keyword research for you and shows you the best keywords to target. Since YouTube and Google are sisters, ranking your YouTube videos on Google makes it more accessible.

Why video marketing is one of the best ways to drive website visitors to any product

Over the years, businesses are shifting their attention to videos because more online users prefer to watch videos. The rate at which people watch videos is on a steady increase, and this is the right time to use this means to drive traffic to your offer.

The research was conducted recently on Facebook to see how much people engage with videos. The result was mind-blowing. Just in 3 years, there was over a 300% increase in how people react to videos on Facebook. Apart from Facebook, other platforms also noticed a high growth.

How does videly work?

Videly - How does it work


Videly is a video marketing software that makes Youtube and Google ranking competition easy for you. It shows you all the untapped buyer keywords and the keywords your competitors are ranking for. The software does keyword research for you so that you can stand tall among your competitors.

The software helps you generate an SEO-optimized video title, video description, and tags for instant top rankings.

Another good one about this video marketing program is that you can use it on existing videos. If you have videos on YouTube that are not ranking, this video marketing cloud-based software will do the work for you.

Below are the three simple steps you need to take:

Step 1: Keyword research

The first step is keyword research. Videly will show you untapped keywords that will distinguish you from the competition. It will also show you the keywords your competitors are using to drive the most traffic.

It will show you all your competitors, how much search volume for a keyword per month, and the ranking difficulty level of keywords. All this work is done by the videly video ranker.

Step 2: SEO optimization

For you to rank any video or content, you must have good SEO optimization in place. SEO is what distinguishes top video marketers from the small guys.

Of all the features of videly, this is one of the most vital features. If your videos can’t rank on YouTube or Google, then you are wasting your precious time.

With just one click, videly will do the tedious work for you by capitalizing on the weak points of your competitors.

Step 3: Update or upload your video

If you have brand new videos, you will have to upload them to YouTube. In the case of existing videos, you just have to update them. Once your videos are uploaded or updated, all you need to do is watch tons of visitors watching your videos every single day.

What level of experience do I need to use videly?

Videly What level of experience do I need to use videly


The software has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. No matter your experience in internet marketing, once you can click on buttons, you should be able to use the software for top rankings on Google and YouTube.

What niche can I use videly for?

It doesn’t matter the niche you are into; as long as it has to do with a video, Videly has the capacity to rank you within seconds. Whether you are in the health, business, make money online, relationship, or any other niche, videly can create high-converting videos for you.

Videly is meant to rank videos in any language

Videly Videly is meant to rank videos in any language


You can use videly to rank videos in any language. Whether it is Chinese, English, French, Spanish, or any you could think of, videly can put you on the top spot.

Videly reviews from Facebook and other social media platform

There are tons of reviews on Facebook and the official website of videly of how powerful the videly tool is. I know of some of the top video gurus that use videly to claim the top spots on YouTube and Google. The reviews you see on Facebook are from top guys that are doing well on YouTube already. This is to tell you how powerful videly is.

You have 30 days money-back guarantee with videly

Videly Money 30Day Back Guarantee


Once you make your one-time purchase, you don’t have to pay for any monthly subscription. Just to be sure you get the best experience with videly, it comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. Therefore, if, for any reason, you didn’t get the results you are looking for, you will get your one-time investment back.

Do I have to build backlinks to my videos?

No, you don’t. According to the people that are using this video ranking software, there is no need for backlinks. The program works in a way that makes your videos look well-optimized to search engines. It has all the features search engines are looking for, and your videos will rank on page one for years. This is totally a no-brainer to me.

There is a bonus package when you buy videly video marketing software

There is a bonus package when you buy videly video marketing software


You will get two videly bonuses when you buy them from the official website of the creator. The bonuses will help boost the functions of the videly marketing software.

Below are the two bonuses you will get full access to when you buy videly:

Private live training lesson

This is a special VIP invite to teach you how to create your own video marketing agency via videly.

5-minute video creation

If you are a business owner or internet marketer, you will learn how to create high-converting videos using videly.

Final verdict on videly software review

I have tried to cover everything you need to know about videly in my review. If you were contemplating buying videly before now, this review should have given you everything you need to know about videly.

Videly can help you rank on the first page of YouTube and Google within few seconds. It does all the work for you, such as keyword analysis, SEO optimization, and other hard work. All you have to do is to upload your video and watch it take the top spots on search engines.

Videly is meant for business owners or affiliate marketers trying to get leads and sales for any offer. There are reviews and testimonials from users of how videly has done so well for them.

If for any reason, you didn’t get the result you wanted, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that covers you.

Videly>> Get Instant Access Now <<

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