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Wall Street Window

Wall Street Window Review


This website is by Michael Swanson, and it’s about giving people advice against trading with the traditional stock exchange but to use the bear exchange. He says there are signs of growing instability in the financial markets due to the excessive growth of the market since 2012. These signs are very similar to what was seen in the years 2000 and 2007 when the market crushed and the bear markets struck in full force.

Through his experience and know how he was able to foresee those signs then and he took action to protect himself and friends on the upcoming event. He was even wise enough to bet against the crash of the stock market and make a lot of money doing so.

“The market cycle has changed and we must take action to adapt to it” Mike warns us. He gave out a full report to high net worth and power investor inner circle groups about his liquidation of funds and taking action to reposition himself of an impending bear market.

Get Wall Street Window
Get Wall Street Window

The reason for the upcoming crash is because in the last six years the stock market has been on the rise and it has become overvalued while at the same time there has been no real economic recovery to justify the high valuation of the stock market.

An example to this was that at the beginning of the year analysts were predicting an 8% growth for the S&P 500 companies and were forced to change the prediction to 4.1% due to wrong valuation. At the same time the stock market is getting increasingly volatile and unstable. All this will be the coz of the next crush.

Despite this crush, bear attack, some people will be able to profit from this and the ones who do are the ones who take defensive action before it happens. They can do this by buying into break away bull markets in select sectors and asset classes while at the same time bet against the fall of the stock markets.

In response to this he has decided to help us by putting together a Bear Market Power Pack to help us to adjust and adapt to the changing financial markets so that we will be able to avoid the stock market bear pitfalls and take advantage of the opportunities it can bring for us. As we are not part of his inner circle he is doing this altruistically.

Wall Street Window

The pack consists of:

  • Understanding the bear attack
  • Coming up with a defensive blueprint
  • Breakaway bull buys
  • A ticking time bomb
  • Strategic short selling
  • Buying the bottom
  • Building the perfect portfolio


Product features

This product is easy and practical to use. It has easy to implement strategies and tips for anyone from beginners to expert financial investors. The https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wall_StreetWall Street window provides factual based analysis of what is currently going on in the market with a prophetic view of what will happen in the future. Through this investors can get back their money quickly.

The product comes at a very affordable cost at $ 7 which anyone who is interested about their financial wellbeing. Through this course you will be able to look at the economy and stock market through a different perspective as you will be able to analyse all facet of them.

Wall Street Window Review: What You Should Know Before Buying
Wall Street Window

Buy at the Official Website

The packs comes with an assortment of eBooks, PDFs, videos and bonuses for the members who have paid. By going through all this material you will become an expert on the bear attack and you will be able to prevent the next market crash affecting you. Although there is no quick way of doing this it gives you the opportunity to try and learn proven methods to give you success.

Apart from the online material, Mike sends out weekly newsletters to advice investors on the best way to investor their money. On the newsletter, he provides commentary on top picks on stocks for the week. Through this program returns of 78% and above are more than possible.

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He teaches about technical analysis or trend analysis of the financial market. To do this he uses traditional valuation metrics that find investments that are low on a price basis and he charts the patterns and timing to decide when to sell and buy stocks. This analysis is shared in a mastermind group, and success in the stock market is mainly due to having a solid investing strategy.

The pack has information on five doomed stocks that are destined to fail because they are overvalued and they will crash and burn in the next cycle. He advises the people who own the stock to sell in order to avoid losing money and those who don’t own them then the next best thing is to bet against them.

He offers advice on gold and how it has been going up and down. He talks about whether it will crash to lows of $ 900 but it has been stable at around $ 1100 and 1200. He advises against betting against or for gold as its volatility is too unpredictable.

Lastly he talks about the bear market coming where he says current trends are proving that it is coming up pretty soon. In the last few days the NASDAQ has been above 5000 but in the last weeks it has been way below that level. We are on the bull phase just waiting to get to the bear market.

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  • It is very affordable and anyone can be involved in this product.
  • Mike has a proven track record to make money even during the down times and that is important especially since he is predicting another collapse in the coming years.
  • It is easy to follow and beginners as well as professionals are able to learn how to invest like Mike.
  • Because you will be able to use tested and tried predictions on the basis of Mike’s professional advice to protect yourself from the upcoming future events.
  • Through the course, you will learn how small changes can remarkably improve your portfolio.
  • Through his advice you can make 80 % returns on your investments while at the same time protecting your future.
  • It has a 60 day money back guarantee just in case the product doesn’t work properly for you.
  • Through his advice you will have a very diverse portfolio that works with current trends while at the same time preparing you for problems that could be seen in the future.

Wall Street photo


  • Mike’s previous services have not gone well, as in some he never used to deliver on what he promised after being paid he would disappear or give out bad advice.
  • His website is not properly run as there are two home pages and they offer different products claiming to be the same thing. On one page it’s a paid service on another page it’s a free service.
  • His predictions are not based on scientific facts but merely false assumptions.
  • He needs investors who are very experienced as they are the ones who are able to take the risk of going against the grain.
  • The source of his information is sketchy as you can’t find a credible source of his information.
  • Everything put together it looks like a scam by scaring people about future problems that may or may not happen.
  • The data he provides on his site and videos are incorrect and have been doctored to make a point that the market is going to tank.
  • The lack of testimonials or client reviews is a big warning sign that the product being sold is not being well received by the market or it’s not trust worthy.
  • Many reviews talk badly about Mike Swanson as an investor and his reputation.
  • There have been complaints that the advice he gives are not original and he has copied them from other sources rather than from him. He has been accused of plagiarism.
  • He has other people who work for him and it feels being dishonest as he sells the product as him being the main advisor. To be pawned off to someone else is not okay.
  • The website and Mike lack a professional feel to someone who is talking about investments. He is wearing casual clothes and doesn’t give the confidence that he knows what he is saying but sounds like another conman.


To be able to make money when the markets are set to collapse is a very attractive package and Mike is able to sell it comfortably to his clients. This is a great selling point because there are many people who lost homes, property and a lot of money when there was the last financial crash. Sadly to say the way Mike provides is selling this service is not professional and he doesn’t give you a good reason to trust him and give him your hard earned money. People in the past have complained about Mike on the internet saying he takes money from them and does not give them value and lastly he has stolen other peoples’ ideas and presented them as his own.

New Update – July 2019

Winning trades Forex trading can be really perilous if you do not have fundamentals about Forex. We must appreciate that this product was here which will help you to make the most out of your trades.

It will also secure you as a trader from experiencing any untoward scenario from trading. Since this review was posted a year ago many individuals have tested it and they were all entirely satisfied with the outcome.

The advantage of this product is that it is very hassle-free to use which will make you benefit from it faster versus its counterparts. Several individuals who utilized it already became wealthy because of it.

That is why if you are attempting to get into Forex trading this product is perfectly for you. This will provide you an urge to become an achiever Forex trader in the future because of the amazing strategies that you will get from it while you are using the product.

I suggest you that if you are urging to go into Forex market trading the only thing that you have to take action is to buy the product now and notice your improvement with Forex trading.

Be one of the prominent Forex traders who rise from the bottom to the top!

Wall Street Window

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