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Yoga Burn

An Introduction to Yoga Burn

As the name suggests, Yoga Burn (also known as Yoga Secrets) is a detailed yoga program meant for women, created by Zoe Bray-Cotton, who is a certified yoga instructor. Practicing yoga not only helps your body to burn fat and lose weight, but it also relaxes your mind, thus reducing stress. Moreover, it is known to improve your muscle strength and tone, increase circulation, improve mood and lead to better sleep. In her program, Zoe aims at helping thousands of women to practice yoga in the comfort of their home and gain from it.

What does the program include?

Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray Cotton consists of a 12- week program that is based on a technique known as Dynamic Sequencing. With the help of this technique, you will be able to learn the exact poses and sequences that will help you progress on your fitness journey from the beginning to the end. By avoiding a plateau in your workout routine, it will ensure that you get maximum benefit out of this program and get the body you always desired.

 Yoga Burn  What does the program include

The entire program is divided into three main phases, which are as described below. Each phase consists of three workout videos, making a total of 9 videos, each of which is 45 minutes long. Each phase is meant to last 4 weeks. Once every week, each workout of that phase should be done, along with the bonus routine. This means ideally, as per the program recommendations, you should practice 4 times every week, 45 minutes each time. This is not too time-consuming and can be easily accommodated to fit into your schedules.

The three phases of the program by Zoe Bray Cotton are as follows:

Phase I: The Foundational Flow Phase

This is like an introductory phase that teaches you the basic yoga routines. It focuses on the proper form of exercise and how you can control your core correctly.

Yoga Burn Phase I: The Foundational Flow Phase

Phase II: The Transitional Flow Phase

This phase focuses on combining different exercises to maximize your benefit out of them, and how you can transition from one pose to another with no difficulty.

Phase III: The Mastery Flow Phase

In this final phase of the program, you will learn how to totally transform your body with the help of everything you have learned so far. You will learn on how you can target specific areas of your body, boost your metabolism and get the feminine curves.

Yoga Burn - Her Yoga Secrets  Phase III: The Mastery Flow Phase


  1. Tranquility Flow

This is a 15-minute long video and based on principles of restorative yoga that is meant to relax you. It also talks about the importance of proper posture.

  1. Tips & tools

This bonus material consists of tips and helpful techniques that will gain more out of the program and keep progressing. Few of the tips include suggestions on when to do your workout, selecting the environment for your yoga practice and how to increase your metabolism.

  1. Beginner Flow

This includes a relaxation session and proceeds at a much slower pace than the other videos. As the name suggests, this is aimed at beginners and is 45 minutes long.

  1. Pose Tutorials

This bonus video includes 21 tutorials of the essential yoga poses. This ensures that the program is suitable even for beginners and you can learn yoga from scratch with no difficulty.

Yoga Burn - Her Yoga Secrets  Pose Tutorials

Testimonials from users of Yoga Burn program

  • Charlotte Libidensky says, “Great program. I am noticing a gradual improvement in the tone of my body. I have finally reached my goal shape, and I’m not stopping there. I love the bonus option with the audio follow-along yoga classes provided with the kit. I get to take the program out of my house and I feel like Zoe is right there with me working out!”
  • Micheline Smith says, “Great program. I am noticing a gradual improvement in the tone of my body. I have finally reached my goal shape, and I’m not stopping there. I love the bonus option with the audio follow-along yoga classes provided with the kit. I get to take the program out of my house and I feel like Zoe is right there with me working out!”
  • This is what another user had to say, “I’m on week 2 right now and this workout is quite fun! I can’t comment yet on weight loss progress since I just started but it’s definitely making all my muscles sore and my flexibility is improving. I’m learning to really enjoy yoga. It helps clear my mind. I like Zoe’s narrations. She doesn’t speak too much or too little – just right. Overall, 5 stars!”
  • Kimmy says, “”I’ve tried many yoga programs including classes at my local gym, “Yoga with Adriene” and “Do Yoga With Me.” Although I liked them all to some extent, Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray-Cotton is my favorite. I love how there are ways to tailor the poses and sequences specifically to my needs. When I feel like I want a challenge, I make it harder. When I feel lazier, I make it easier. Either way, I always look forward to working out.

Yoga Burn Testimonials from users of Yoga Burn programs

What are the benefits of the program?

  • The program is suitable for women of any fitness level, be it a beginner at yoga or an expert. The program is designed to advance through easiest to header workouts and thus, can be done by anyone with no difficulty at all.
  • The program has detailed, step-by-step instructions that will make it easy to follow and also minimize chances of injury.
  • You get your hands on a handful on bonuses for free, which are otherwise very expensive.
  • With the digital format, you also get the physical set of DVDs, which gives you more flexibility for planning your workout.
  • Even pregnant women can make use of the Yoga Burn program by focusing on the bonus videos. The bonus videos are ideal for all three trimesters of pregnancy. Yoga Burn is also suitable for the post-partum phase to get back into shape.
  • You can do the workout in the comfort of your house, with no additional equipment. You do not have to pay for any transportation to classes or feel uncomfortable trying to do the poses with 30-odd people around.
  • The program is very time-efficient. It does not set unrealistic expectations that you practice yoga every day for 3 hours.
  • Your payment is protected with a 100% 60-day cash back guarantee.

Yoga Burn  What are the benefits of the program?

How much does this program cost?

You can choose one of the two packages available on the official website of the product. The first option costs $37 and includes 1 digital download and 1 collection of DVDs of the program. The second option is to pay $57 for two digital copies and two sets of DVDs of the program. Moreover, your payment is protected with a 100% 60-day cash back guarantee.

New Update – April 2019

Since the early ages, it is known that yoga promotes good health. Many people are using it to have the body and wellness that they desire. Others utilize it to relax the mind.

To tell you honestly there are a tremendous amount of benefits that people can acquire from yoga and if we will state it all we will not finish because it has insurmountable of benefits! We are glad that this product has been created because of it learning yoga became achievable!

Here are the following benefits that you can get and people are still getting from the programs in this product.

  • People acquired new yoga routines leading to a well-toned body and better overall health. They lose a lot of excess weight because of the product.
  • It made yoga a more exciting and fun way of doing exercise.
  • They felt more relaxed and focused on their job because of the yoga routines from this product.
  • They became more focused because their blood circulation significantly became better because of yoga.

Because of this product, a lot of people have transformed themselves for the better. That is why if you want to experience just like that the next thing that you can do is to purchase the product now for a healthier new you.

Yoga Burn

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